Nette Dalton

About Nette

I am very lucky to have a studio; The Yoga Connection, nestled in a beautiful part of The New Forest. My style of teaching has been influenced by weaving my extensive training and passion as a yoga teacher with my past career as a Structural Body Worker and Personal Trainer. My knowledgeand personal experiences haveresulted in adeep understanding of the human body; how it works and how it connects to the mind and the breath.  I love to encourage my students to explore their edge and challenge their minds and bodies, no matter what size, shape, age or ability. I am always there to support and motivate mystudents, helpingthem to challenge their minds and bodies, whilst embracing a sense of fun and achievementin safe, supportive and life enhancing classes.

My Kind of Yoga takes a slightly more relaxed approach to traditional yoga. It’s a simple, no fluff, straight forward yoga class that everyone can enjoy. It combines accessible, energising postures with breathing to help improve flexibility, posture, focus and strength. The pace of the flow can vary depending on the focus of the class but you will always be guided into and out of the postures with fluidity and attention to breath, technique and alignment.


Sometimes we can take life & yoga a little too seriously. In this Partner-Up yoga class we bring some play and fun to the mat. It doesn’t matter what age, size or ability just grab a partner and come and join us as we explore some yoga poses together, stretching, connecting, strengthening, balancing and playing.

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