Clare Jevons

About Clare

Clare’s yoga journey started in the early 2000s whilst at university.  Since then she has felt the benefits of yoga in body and mind. She founded the Nomadic Yoga Company where she loves sharing her passion and connecting others through yoga and mindfulness. .

She trained in Ashtanga and Vinyasa in India, and in Yin yoga in the beautiful mountains of the French Alps.

Clare’s creative flair, her love of festivals and fun, glitter and sparkles, and not taking herself too seriously, shine through in her teaching. Her classes are fun, challenging, fresh, inspiring and adaptable.

Yin Yoga

A restorative practice where poses are held for periods of 3 to 5 minutes. Working with the breath and gravity, the poses are held at an appropriate tension, which is personal to you and your body. The connective tissues are gently eased apart and untangled, working to bring back the nourishing mobility of the joints, and lengthening of the muscles.

The practice calms the mind, restores the flow of energy through the organs, muscles and full body, and helps to diminish stress levels by discharging tensions that have build up in our bodies and become locked in our tissues.

Yin and Yang Yoga

An adaptable class, suited to all levels. Combining the restorative and meditative practice of Yin Yoga, and the more dynamic rhythmic movements of a Vinyasa practice. The class focuses on both calming the mind, and lengthening and strengthening the muscles, improving the health of organs and bones as well as the circulatory and respiratory systems.


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