Melissa Lomas

About Melissa

My yoga journey started over 20 years ago and I currently teach Hatha, flow classes, prenatal & pregnancy yoga. Yoga in pregnancy supports women emotionally and physically to listen to her body, feel empowered and connect with her baby. My classes aim to promote strength, flexibility, develop breathing techniques and relaxation for easier and more comfortable labour. In mum and baby classes women can come back to their bodies with specifically designed postnatal yoga and bond with babies at this time of great change and adjustment. I also combine an equestrian background teaching yoga for riders to help improve balance, strength, focus, awareness and their seat whilst riding. Starting at the end of the month funky flow yoga starts. Combining flow with funky music to uplift, energise and invigorate. Most of my classes are held at the Amethyst Cave, New Milton. I also teach in and around Lymington/ New Forest. The goal of yoga is not in the pose but in the quieting of the mind which is the aim in all of my classes. We unite the mind and the body through the breath resulting in physical, mental and spiritual well being. The magic of yoga.

Come and practice meditation at 7.30am Sunday morning followed by a gentle wake up flow at 7.45 to energise and start your day at the Beach Yoga Fest. See you there!

Namaste 🙏

Melissa x