Finding yoga meant freedom.

Something I could finally express my true self within and have no rules apply, bliss.

Coming from a creative background, the concept of freeing the mind and body came naturally to me. Using the freedom of expression to delve deeper into myself, enabled me to go further asking: What do we all need? How can I create something that will guide people to find it?

My vision is to encourage you to look internally and discover your voice. To find contentment in just being. Your truest and rawest form. Purely to have your own human experience.

The most inspirational observation of this path is delightfully realising that yoga is beautifully entwined in our lives. An on and off the mat experience. Bringing full attention to this.

It fills me to incorporate elements of the earth, raw affirmations, the chakras, yogi philosophy, amongst many other modalities.

From sweet soul flows to virtual retreats, my offerings are intuitive & soulful. Creating a supported and held space enables the richness of this practice to find you. 

Sweet sounds, delicious smells, aromatic oils, mini head massages, in my groups classes are all incorporated in creating the ultimate vibe for you.

Allowing self expression to become the ultimate freedom.

There are many more offerings that I am passionate about delving into, watch this space.. 



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