Amy, founder of Elements of Wellness focuses on the mind-body connection. Amy is a trainee Health Psychologist and centres her interests in the psychological aspects of mental and physical health.

The philosophy of Elements of Wellness is underpinned by the belief that the interplay between physical, mental and soulfulness supports total wellbeing. Moreover, Amy’s studies in health, yoga and mindful movement helps people bridge their physical and mental health. This specialism provides mindful yoga that cultivates awareness of what is going on for us on a physical, mental and emotional level. 

Amy will guide you through practices centred around cultivating compassion. Self-compassion is learning to see oneself free of judgment or evaluation. This can be challenging if ever we feel inadequate or failing. But it is a skill we can learn and it allows us to relate to ourselves and the world with a soft, kind acceptance.
These classes will be good for those who may be living with a health condition or feeling stressed and overwhelmed. By learning embodied life skills which help you breathe deeper, quieten the mind and release tension in the body, we can learn how to recognise our feelings and explore tools which can help us navigate life with awareness and self-compassion.  By the end of this practice you will have experienced how self-compassion needs acknowledgment; of how each and everyone of us share imperfections and experiences which makes us human.
Amy cannot wait to practice with you! 


m: 07824363311


Amy’s classes at the Festival
Friday 18th June 4pm Yoga Health Practice – Self Compassion
Saturday 19th June 7am Tea Meditation and Wake up Flow
Sunday 20th June 2pm Yoga Health Practice – Self Compassion