About Carina

The teachings of Carina are raw, powerful and sharply intuitive as their source is channelled from the teachings of Nature and love. Being deeply rooted in her works with expanding Love, her teachings reflect this work, and encourage students to process the gifted experiences so as to draw from them the highest nectar of the teachings.

Carina originally hails from a dance and movement background having performed and studied Contemporary dance. Her yoga journey began after being introduced to hot yoga back in 2012, where she completely feel in love with it. In addition to achieving a stronger more supple body, she loved the feeling she had after completing a class, the freedom, the focus and the peace of mind it gave her both on and off the mat. “For me, it is sometimes just turning up on the mat and becoming present. Yoga has, taught me how to become present in my life and the importance of breath and stillness, not only on the mat but off the mat too. Carina soon became an avid Ashtanga practitioner and started to explore other styles of yoga. She has been lucky enough to attend varies workshops lead by Ajay Kumar, attend yoga retreats around the world and spend a month a year in Mysore, India exploring her own practice under the teachings of Vinay Kumar and Ajay Kumar. She is passionate about making yoga accessible yet challenging and connecting her students to the practice’s higher purpose as a vehicle for becoming present and accepting whatever is going on. Her uplifting classes take students on a creative journey, exploring the use of breath, body and awareness to create a beautiful flowing practice lead with pure love.

Website: carinageorgeyoga.com

Find Carina: https://www.instagram.com/carinageorgeyoga/