My core motivation for creating Calm Skies is to provide engaging sessions that offer key skills and experiences so young people can maintain a healthy, happy mind and body.

‘From my many years of being a primary school teacher, I wanted to create a pre-emptive approach to our young people’s mental well-being. With 3 children in every classroom experiencing some kind of mental health issue, I was extremely motivated to create a program that equips our younger generation with the tools to take away and use daily. Through both yoga and mindfulness, children are taken on an exciting journey of self-awareness, curiosity and emotional understanding. By creating a safe, calm and happy place, they can enjoy the benefits of physical movement, imagination, empathy as well as lots of practical tools to use through day-to-day life.”

Carly from Calm Skies classes at the festival:

Family Yoga A fun yoga session for all the family to enjoy. A perfect way to reconnect and relax together whilst having a few giggles as we move through a variety of partner poses and activities. All ages and abilities welcome.
Family Mindfulness
A relaxed session that all family members can enjoy together as we explore some fun mindfulness activities, learn a little more about the science behind our emotions and come away with a few easy calming techniques to take home.
Sessions include:
Saturday 19th June 2:2:45pm – Family Yoga

Sunday 20th June – 9-9:45am – Family Yoga; 1:1:45pm Family Chill Time

Phone: (07827) 406389

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