I am a qualified Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, Empath & star sign Cancer (meaning I feel things… deeply). 

I have spent years disconnected & lost from my true self and am finally living life as just me, Lucy.

For me and many of my clients, a lot of my problems & insecurities stem from childhood.

From when I was a child until my early 20’s I was labeled pretty nasty names which deeply affected my self-esteem. You see when you are a child, you are like a sponge, you are soaking up everything around you and learning about who you are. 

These names stopped me from having a good relationship with myself. 

Through therapy I uncovered how low my self esteem really was, and it seemed the more work I did on myself the more I realised… Holy shit I am not being myself. I didn’t even know who the real me was. 

It was only through connecting with the spiritual elements and having therapy on a deeper level that I was able to reconnect to the soul me, the version of me that I truly was. Connecting with my spiritual tools I have never felt more alive and I have never seen more incredible results. ‚Äč

I have never felt more connected to my soul’s essence, she guides me, empowers me, helps me live a life of fulfillment & inner love. 

 I am glowing from the inside out, and that is true beauty.

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