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About Nette

Nette Dalton, founder of The Yoga Connection UK and co founder of Ebb & Flow Yoga & Pilates Retreats, offers Studio and Online Classes alongside Workshops and Retreats. 

As an Advanced Yoga Teacher, Nette’s unique style of teaching has been influenced by weaving her extensive knowledge as a yoga teacher with her training as a Structural Body Worker and Advanced Personal Trainer. The depth and breadth of her knowledge has resulted in her deep understanding of the human body; how it works and how it connects to the mind and the breath.  

Nette encourages her students to explore their edge and challenge their minds and bodies, no matter what size, shape, age or ability. Her capacity to support and motivate her students, helps them to challenge their minds and bodies, whilst embracing a sense of fun and achievement in safe, supportive and life enhancing classes.

Nette is thrilled to be teaching again at this year’s Beach Yoga Fest and is particularly excited to have the opportunity to share her unique new class Fascial Fitness, along side Power Yoga and Partner Up Yoga.

If you would like to know more about classes or upcoming workshops head to or for details on our next retreat on the Isle of Wight in September: Navigating the Stages of Menopause with Strength & Grace:

Power Yoga

This is an energetic, dynamic, flowing class suitable for all shapes and sizes. Power Yoga is a vigorous yet accessible style of yoga which sculpts your body, building  a strong, flexible, resilient body, whilst burning fat, releasing stress and targeting area of tensions and weakness caused by modern lifestyles. Through expert instruction you will be encouraged to discover what works for your body whilst practicing safely and having fun.

Fascial Fitness

Fascial Fitness is a unique class which aims to condition, release, relax and restore the body by combining small,dynamic movements with long held stretches. 

The class begins with a series of controlled, dynamic rebounding movements to target specific fascial lines. These small repeated movements help to bring elasticity & fluidity back to the system resulting in increased range of motion & mobility throughout the body. This is followed by long held stretches allowing the fascia that connects every muscle, tendon, ligament and  bone in the body time to stretch, hydrate and relax. 

Fascial Fitness can lead to increase flexibility, reduce tension and stiffness in the muscles & joints , improve posture, quicker recover from & reduce risk of injury and improved health throughout the fascial system. 


Sometimes we can take life & yoga a little too seriously. In this Partner-Up yoga class we bring some play and fun to the mat. It doesn’t matter what age, size or ability just grab a partner and come and join us as we explore some yoga poses together, stretching, connecting, strengthening, balancing and playing.

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Nette’s Classes at the Festival
Friday 18th June at 5pm Fascial fitness and 8pm Power Yoga
Saturday 19th June 11am Partner Bubble Yoga* subject to Covid guidelines