YinEmma & Katie

A restorative practice where poses are held for periods of 3 to 5 minutes. Working with the breath and gravity, the poses are held at an appropriate tension, which is personal to you and your body. The connective tissues are gently eased apart and untangled, working to bring back the nourishing mobility of the joints, and lengthening of the muscles. The practice calms the mind, restores the flow of energy through the organs, muscles and full body, and helps to diminish stress levels by discharging tensions that have built up in our bodies and become locked into our tissue.

Instructors: Emma Brown Saturday 19th June at 1pm and Katie Neal Saturday 19th June at 6pm


Ashtanga yoga, with its many vinyasas, is great for building core strength and toning the body. Prepare to sweat as you move through a set sequence. One of the main goals of Ashtanga is to establish a consistent daily practice: whether it’s a good, hard, downright-awful, or anything-in-between, you still practice. Let your breath guide you.

Instructors: Zoe Lee Saturday 19th June at 11am

My Kind Of Yoga Morgan

This takes a slightly more relaxed approach to traditional yoga. It’s a simple, no fluff, straight forward yoga class that everyone can enjoy. It combines accessible, energising postures with breathing to help improve flexibility, posture, focus and strength. The pace of the flow can vary depending on the focus of the class, but you will always be guided into and out of the postures with fluidity and attention to breath, technique and alignment. A modern postal flow based class

Instructors: Morgan Lane Saturday 19th June at 8am

Sun Salutations 

The Sun Salutation sequence is easy to learn, easy to modify, easy to build on and is a great workout for the whole body making it physically beneficial. Moving through the repetitive sequence means the mind is focusing on the movement of the body alone. As the mind relaxes into the flow, the sequence can become quite meditative.The philosophy behind the sequence lies in the opportunity to express gratitude to the sun, without which life on earth would be impossible. 

Instructors: TBC

Gong BathVivienne

In the West, the Gong Bath is most associated with singing bowls. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, a gong bath can balance the chakras by utilizing specific sound vibrations. For example, the vibrations of a C note are thought to target the root chakra, while those of an F note open the heart chakra.

Instructors: Vivienne Yardley

Energiser FlowAlice

This Hatha based flow is designed to energise and re-awaken the physical and emotional body. Tapping into breath techniques and movement to help shift and release stagnant energy. Expect to twist, lengthen and delve into layers of you that enable a deeper sense of connection.

Instructors: Alice Powell Saturday 19th June at 10am

Ebb & flow – Alice

A Hatha based flow focusing on becoming more attuned to the natural ebbs and flows of the physical and emotional body. Embodying both yin and yang energies through fluid movement.
Encouraging you to show up as you are and release expectation. The perfect way to start your Sunday morning.

Instructors: Alice Powell Sunday 20th June at 10am


Mindfulness is a simple, yet powerful skill, enabling us to come back to the present within just a few moments. Reconnecting in this way has proven health benefits and can be practiced freely and anywhere to improve our wellbeing and enjoyment of the present.

Taught by Debbie, who will share a number of foundational mindfulness techniques with you that you can use to reduce stress, increase an inner calm and raise self-awareness.

Instructors: Debbie Cooper of Debbie Mindfulness, various sessions over the weekend.

Integral Yoga Maggie

Integral yoga, sometimes called Supramental yoga, is a type of yoga based on the teachings of Swami Satchidananda. Known for saying, “Truth is one, paths are many”, he encouraged students to combine elements of various other yoga practices in order to find a path that suited them and find harmony in their whole lives. The name, Integral yoga, also refers to the way that it brings together the mind, body and spirit to help the student find a place of greater unity and peace. It is considered a healing practice in that it brings the body out of a state of “disease”, preventing illness and restoring the yogi to whole health.

Instructors: Maggie Dooley Saturday 19th June at 9am

Family YogaAli & Carly Calm Skies

Based in psychological application which encourages positive family connections and offers a space which allows children to experience their thoughts, feelings and emotions through movement. By creating a link between their mind and body, this yoga activity is designed to promote self-esteem, resilience, connections and importantly, to have fun! 

Instructors: Ali Morton, Calm Skies Yoga Saturday 19th June at 2pm and Sunday 20th June 9am and 11am

Power YogaNette

Power yoga is an active and athletic, Western style of yoga. The classes move quickly through the poses and each pose is held for only three to five breaths. Power yoga incorporates the athleticism of Ashtanga, including lots of vinyasas, but gives each teacher the flexibility to teach any poses in any order, making every class different. 

Instructors: Nette Dalton Friday 18th June at 8pm


Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly harmonising breathing and movement that will build, strengthen and flexibility whilst rebalancing your body and mind. The movement practice of Vinyasa is said to have begun with T Krishnamacharya who has had the largest influence on how yoga, in general, is practiced today. 

Instructors: Katie Neal Friday 18th June at 4pm, Gretchen Lysaght Saturday 19th June 10am and Ali Morton Saturday 19th June at 4pm

Barre YogaEmma Brown

Barre yoga is distinguished from other types of yoga by its use of the ballet barre and its incorporation of movements derived from ballet. Barre classes focus on the lower body, developing strength and flexibility from the ankles up though the calves, knees, thighs, and glutes.

Instructors:  Emma Brown Friday 18th June at 6pm and Caroline Amey Saturday 19th June at 1pm

Wake Up FlowAmy

Rise and shine with this wonderfully vigorous vinyasa yoga class, full of poses and transitions that will help build strength in your legs, arms and core, as well as improve flexibility and range of motion.

Instructors: Melissa Lomas Sunday 20th June at 7:45am

Hatha Vinyasa

This class combines the magic of synchronised movement with the breath and a steady flow from pose to pose, taking the time to get to know each asana for a few breaths. You will experience a full body practice that will target both strength and flexibility and as a result will leave you feeling amazing both physically and mentally. This is an all level class where I will provide different options for you to chose and have fun!

Instructors: Sofia Yacsirk Saturday 19th June 6pm and Sunday 20th June at 1pm


 Suitable for babies after 8 week check. Yoga for mum to gain strength and tone. Gentle baby yoga with movement, songs and rhymes. You can bond with your baby in that extra special way. 

Instructors: Melissa Lomas Sunday 20th June at 10am

Partner-Up YogaNette & Gretchen

Sometimes we can take life & yoga a little too seriously. In this Partner-Up yoga class we bring some play and fun to the mat. It doesn’t matter what age, size or ability just grab a partner and come and join us as we explore some yoga poses together, stretching, connecting, strengthening, balancing and playing. Subject to covid guidelines

Instructors: Nette Dalton & Gretchen Lysaght Saturday 19th June at 11am

Reggae Beats – Lisa Wise

Gentle Hatha Yoga to conscious Reggae Music, followed by a snuggly Savasana. Suitable for total beginners and experienced yogis who would like a gentle, relaxing practise.

Instructors: Lisa Wise Friday 18th June at 6pm, Saturday 19th June at 5pm and Sunday 20th June at 2pm

Sun Rise Tea Meditation

Instructors: Amy Kizz Saturday 19th June 7am

Somatic Yoga – Caroline Radway

Release tension and rebalance your body with a Somatic approach to Yoga.  In this practice we ‘pandiculate’ rather than stretch, to re-set muscular tension at the brain level.  The practice is floor-based and can seem gentle, but it’s incredibly powerful, offering instant changes.  It’s a mindful and interoceptive practice by definition, as cultivating a deep level of awareness of our Soma, or mind-body, is, in part, how the practice effects change.  It’s a playful and explorative practice – poses aren’t held (except Savasana!) instead we move and explore, then rest between sequences, to allow the brain to process the changes.  A transformative practice, that is perfect for anyone with tension and / or imbalances from the stresses of daily life, work or sports. 

SUP YogaZoe, Caroline, Anna

Yoga on the water using a paddleboard as your mat!  The board and the water add a new challenge as well as a new dimension to your Yoga practice.  While being a balance and core challenge, it’s also an amazing way to connect to nature and the ocean, with all the benefits that come with being out in the elements. There are options for all throughout the practice, it’s far more accessible than it might seem – and falling in is definitely optional!  With breathwork, mobility, core, balance and a blissful, floating relaxation this is such a wonderful way to practice Yoga!

Slow FLOW – Ali Morton Friday 3pm

This slow and centering flow class is a beautiful combination of yin and yang; calm and cooling elements with focus and strength to gently light the inner flame.

A slightly slower pace to enable students to delve deeper into themselves finding their edge. In this multi-level and thorough vinyasa, Ali supports students in finding balance in body, heart and mind. Students are given tools and techniques that can be used to support them off the mat.

Ali blends Hatha and Yin in this Vinyasa class to ensure students float away feeling centered, relaxed and confident in themselves.

Vinyasa Flow – Ali Morton Saturday 4pm

An energetic class to power you up for the rest of the weekend. Here there is a focus on stability, core work and surpassing personal goals.

Students flow through a beautifully planned sequence of postures where the body and mind are pushed to the edge, igniting their inner fire to come away from class feeling revitalized, confident and motivated.

Self CompassionAmy Kizz

Self-compassion is learning to see oneself free of judgment or evaluation. This can be challenging if ever we feel inadequate or failing. But it is a skill we can learn and it allows us to relate to ourselves and the world with a soft, kind acceptance.
By the end of this practice you will have experienced how self-compassion needs acknowledgment; of how each and everyone of us share imperfections and experiences which makes us human.

Ibiza Flow – Caroline Amey

A lively yoga flow to uplifting beach tunes finishing with a delicious, slow stretch and relaxation. Lose yourself in the music and let the Ibiza beats carry you from one asana to the next so you feel connected to mind, breath and body and finish with a huge smile on your face!

HIIT Yoga – Caroline Amey

A combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and yoga asana practice. Bursts of feel-good, cardio-based flows that will get your heart pumping and your muscles working followed by recovery periods of slow-flow, deep stretches to relieve any tension. Combining yoga with HIIT gives all the benefits of interval training without the high impact meaning less stress on the body. It also encourages the use of deep yoga breathing to train the lungs and breathing muscles to operate deeply and consciously, delivering more oxygen to the body more efficiently both during the session and beyond.

Barre Yoga – Caroline Amey & Emma Brown

A beautiful fusion of ballet and yoga focussing on strength, alignment and balance. Traditional ballet style moves intertwined with all your favourite yoga asanas designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles with a particular focus on the lower body.

YogaMed – Michele Garner

Mindful yoga taking you to the next level of heightened awareness where you can cosmically order your goals and enjoy the beauty of here and now.Pranayama techniques combined with slow yoga flow, a blissful relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed with a new found energy at the end of the practice.